Need a brand?

Have a brand?

Want to grow and scale your business?

If your answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, then you’re in the right place.

Make a brew are here.

Make a brew welcome

Clare heads up Make a brew… she is never happier than when she’s coming up with design, branding, or marketing ideas… you can literally see the lightbulb above her head!

Full of positive energy, she leaves you feeling like anything really is possible.

Check out Make a brew’s three main services, book a brew with Clare and never look back!

Create your brand

If you need a new brand, want an additional brand to complement your existing one, or feel like your current brand’s a bit dated now…

Create your brand
Clare Froggatt - we can Build your brand

Build your brand

You’ve got a logo.  You might even have some brand guidelines… But what do you do now to gain maximum exposure so that people instantly recognise your business?

The answer is simple,

Market your brand

It’s time to grow your business… To attract more customers…. To make more sales.

But how?

With Make a brew’s five step process…

We can help you on your way or stay the course with you… the decision is yours.

Market your brand

Why work with Make a brew

Branding experts don’t come much more experienced than Claire, chief brew maker at Make a brew!

You also won’t often come across someone with more creativity, a better eye for design, or intuitive idea generation.

All clients work with Clare directly to ensure continuity and quality.  The team are kept in a cupboard! (Only joking… or are we!)

Whatever your business, or business idea, Make a brew will bring it to life with a brand which has personality and characteristics all of its own!