How to amplify your brand

How to amplify your brand

Here are my top tips on how to amplify your brand with consistent marketing and messaging to engage your target customers because building your brand doesn’t come to a halt once you have created a logo, voice, and brand guidelines!   Remember that your brand will evolve over time, and you have to strive continuously to … Read more

How to review your brand

How to review your brand

How to review your brand: It is important to assess your brand from time to time to make sure it is still effective and working for your business as it is now, rather than how it was when the brand was originally created. Here are some of the changes that can affect how your brand … Read more

Is it time for a brand refresh?

Make a brew–time for a brand refresh

New year, new you? Okay, I know it’s corny, but the start of a new year does get people thinking about making changes, both personally and professionally. But how do you know whether the new year is the right time for a brand refresh?  And how do you know when you should choose a brand … Read more

How to build brand loyalty

build brand loyalty

In the last Make a Brew article, we showed the importance of brand values in building loyalty and trust amongst your customers and how your values can help to engage both internal and external customers with your brand. In this next article about brand strategy, we have put together some tips and techniques to help … Read more

The importance of brand values

Make a brew_The importance of brand values

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the importance of brand values to your overall brand strategy.  The creation of a clear brand strategy is key to making sure that your business differentiates itself from competitors, grows in the right direction and ensures everyone within the company works towards the … Read more

Leveraging Content Marketing

Make a brew–leveraging content marketing

Your brand’s reputation online has never been more important than in today’s digital age. Consumers buy based on a brand’s authority, trustworthy, and personality – alongside all the traditional buying decisions such as price and quality. That’s why leveraging content marketing can strengthen your brand.  Why improve your brand’s online presence?  When content is at … Read more

What are Vector and Raster Logos

What are Vector and Raster Logos

In the world of branding and marketing, a logo is a critical component of creating an identifiable and memorable visual identity for any business or organisation. There are two primary types of logos: vector and raster. Each has its own unique features, advantages, and applications, and choosing the right one for your business is essential. … Read more