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Business first, Brand second

Many people, particularly start-ups, think that their logo should be the first thing they plan.

What they don’t realise is that a logo is just one element of creating your brand… and….

A company’s brand has to reflect their business plan and goals if they are going to succeed.

Create your brand

Are you looking for a logo or do you want to create your brand?

What is a brand?

Simply put, your brand is everything people see, hear, and feel, in relation to your business.

It should be consistently applied throughout the whole customer journey

From the ‘awareness’ stage… right through to them becoming an ambassador, telling everyone about you.

The visual element of your brand should be instantly recognisable, no matter where it is seen.

And… the feeling someone is left with after coming into contact with your business should be consistently positive.


Do you want more details?

If you are more of a detail person, I’ve got you covered –read on to find out more about about creating your brand.


Brand strategy

Whatever size your business is, you need a brand strategy.

You want to stand out from the competition.

You want to become an instantly recognisable brand and remembered for all the right reasons.

brand strategy will ensure your brand is consistent across activities and over time.


The core elements of a brand strategy

Purpose – Why your business exists

Vision – Your business goals for the future

Mission(s) – What you are going to do to get there

Values – How you display your company’s behaviours

Customers – What is the definition of your target customer

Competitors – Who are your competitors and what is their offering

Differential – What makes your company stand out from the crowd


Brand identity… the face of your brand

Everything you produce and publish digitally, and offline, is included in your brand identity.


  • company name
  • personality of your brand
  • colour palette
  • fonts
  • tone of voice
  • logos

and also included is the way you communicate with your target audience through your branding.

Whenever anyone sees your company, whether that be a social media post or a paper bag… the brand identity must be consistent so that they immediately know it’s you.


Brand Positioning
The positioning of your brand must be appropriate for your target market and demonstrate why your product or service is the go-to in your industry or sector.


Brand Guide
When you work with a creative agency, like Make a brew, you will be issued with a brand guide.  This will provide details of each element of your brand identity, such as different fonts use and your colour palette, so that wherever you use your branding it will be consistently applied.



Worth its own section on the page, consistency is absolutely key when you apply your brand.

ALWAYS stick to your brand identity in everything you do.


Whether it’s a social media post, an exhibition stand, vehicle graphics, promotional gifts, your website imagery… it must be ON BRAND.

It’s a rooky mistake to change the background colour to your logo and think it doesn’t matter.  It REALLY does.


McDonald’s don’t play around with the appearance of their golden arches.  Virgin use the same red and the same logo design for all the companies in their group.


Learn from the best and stay consistent.

Why choose Make a brew to create your brand…

Creating a brand, whether brand new (see what we did there!) or a rebrand, starts with a ‘chat and a brew’.


Clare, the Chief Brew Maker (founder), always takes these meetings herself – whether on Zoom or in person.


It’s vitally important that she understands your organisation – the organisation the brand is to represent.


As she discusses all the points mentioned on this page with you, you’ll see the ideas literally bursting from her. 


That’s what over 25 years’ experience in global marketing and branding does for you – allows you to conceptualise and translate what your client has in their head into a brand.

What our clients say…

“Clare took time to understand our business and develop the brand and website in line with our values and strategy. Always open to ideas and quick to communicate. I would recommend this friendly and professional team.”

How to work with Make a brew

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