Clare Froggatt - How to fix your brand

How to fix your brand to improve marketing results

It’s no secret that a great brand equals success in business.

When you have a well-thought-out brand strategy, aligned with a striking and appealing brand identity, your chance for connecting with customers increases. But for many reasons, your brand might not be working for you.

If you’re wondering how to fix your brand, then keep reading…

A huge 55% of brand first impressions are formed on visuals. Far too often, businesses run without a professional brand identity to do them justice.

When you don’t have a strong brand identity, you’re not reaching your full potential.

Identifying how to fix your brand

You might understand something isn’t working, but putting your finger on how to fix your brand is another story…

  • Is your brand representing your business today?
  • Does your brand attract and resonate with your ideal customers?
  • Does your marketing have a consistent and professional image everywhere it is used and seen?

To fix a broken brand, you first need to answer these questions. Then you can decide an action plan to move forwards.

Consistency is the key way to fix your brand

Consistency in your brand is vital for maximum impact.

Having a consistent brand image across all platforms can increase revenues by up to 23%. This is because when you’re consistent, your audience has a stronger chance of brand recognition.

Think of Nike’s swoosh icon or McDonald’s golden arches – there aren’t many people that don’t recognise them. Sure, your business likely won’t have the budget Nike does, but there are smart ways you can fix your brand on a smaller scale.

It’s important that anywhere you show up to potential and existing customers – online or in print – your image is coherent. It needs to tell the same story throughout, even if your marketing campaigns are targeted to different buyer personas.

How to create brand consistency

Depending on what your business does, who your customers are, and how you sell, you will have a variety of customer and marketing touchpoints.

Touchpoints all need consistency in their graphic design, colours, font, and messaging.

This includes –

  • Your website – including blog posts
  • All marketing campaigns – print or online
  • Your social media profiles – banners and posts
  • Digital communications – emails, proposals, order confirmations, and invoices
  • Printed marketing collateral – brochures, business cards, exhibition displays, point of sale, and posters

This list also includes any other areas in which your past, current, and potential customers communicate with your brand.

Are you planning an exhibition or event later this year?

Now would be a good time to fix your brand to maximise your presence at the event and all marketing. Exhibition stands are expensive, so if you want to produce banners, signage, brochures, and any other printed material, you want to do it right.

Common reasons for a broken brand

Do you relate to any of these?

  • Your brand feels dated and needs updating.
  • Your brand identity does not showcase your current level.
  • Your business offering and customers have changed since you changed your identity.
  • Your current logo is limiting the colours, sizes, and layouts of marketing campaigns.

A common reason for needing to fix your brand is because it’s out of date.

Your business was started many years ago and your offer, customers, and the market in general has moved on. Customer buying habits change over time, as do trends.

Your brand needs to keep up with the times, adapting to the offers you now focus on and the customers you serve.

To resolve this, you could need a logo refresh service, updating your font to something more modern, or having a rethink about your colour palette.

You also may have started a business and created a brand identity before truly understanding your customers and nailing your offer.

Many business owners learn as they go.

Maybe you are looking for investment and need to gain buy-in, so a brand refresh is needed.

If you have realised your business branding needs to level up, you’re not alone.

BrandFix by Make a Brew

If you know there’s something not working with your brand, book a #Brand Fix consultation with Make a Brew.

During the session, we get to the bottom of how to fix your brand.

The BrandFix package is a Zoom session where you and Clare, Founder of Make a Brew, discuss your current situation, challenges you’re having with your brand, and how to fix them.

Over a chat and a brew, we agree a way to move forward.

After the session, you can hire Make a Brew to fix any branding issues or move ahead with things yourself.

From creating a new logo to refining what you already have, the BrandFix service is flexible to support your needs.

It’s all about making the best impression possible, so when you’re getting your brand in front of the right people, they take notice.

Logo letting you down?

Your logo should be the visual centre point of your brand, but it’s often overlooked.

Companies set logos up that “will do for now” and realise later down the line it’s holding them back.

It could be you have a great logo, but you struggle to stay consistent across all marketing channels. If that’s the case, you could need some graphic templates or marketing collateral producing.

If your logo was designed many years ago, another common problem could be you only have your logo on a low-quality resolution image. This means any other marketing materials you create has a visibly grainy or pixelated logo. Having only have one variation of your logo can cause issues when you find yourself needing different colours or sizes. Without a high-quality logo to be proud of, your options are limited for creating engaging marketing visuals.

This should give you a good idea about how to fix your brand and start making the best impression. Get in touch if you need help with any element of your branding. Book a Brand Fix session if you’re ready to get going – we’ll chat about your current needs and the best way to increase marketing results.

Let’s connect 🙂