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Leveraging Content Marketing

Your brand’s reputation online has never been more important than in today’s digital age. Consumers buy based on a brand’s authority, trustworthy, and personality – alongside all the traditional buying decisions such as price and quality. That’s why leveraging content marketing can strengthen your brand. 

Why improve your brand’s online presence? 

When content is at everyone’s fingertips, your brand needs to be leveraging content marketing to become closer to your audience, improving your reputation and creating loyal fans. 

The more touchpoints your customers see, the better.

In a recent study by King’s College London, 49% of people asked agreed their attention span is shorter than it used to be

We are now a more distracted, less patient society. Due to the huge quantity of information available to us every second of the day, your brand is literally fighting for attention. 

It’s even harder to be remembered with increasing competition. 

The business population in the UK grew 59% between 2000 and 2022, to a number of 5.5. million private sector businesses.

So, if you’ve been in business for a while, you will have noticed the surge in entrepreneurs and online brands, all fighting for popularity.

Content marketing is a great way to capture attention, build trust, and convert potential customers into paying ones. 

Plus, it offers a much more measurable and cost-effective solution compared to traditional offline marketing methods. 

What happens when you don’t have an online presence? 

Imagine going to buy something from a company and then seeing they have only three Google reviews, all more than two years ago. 

Then you check their social media accounts… and crickets. 

How do you feel? 

Are you likely to trust them? 

In reality, this company could be fully booked with loyal customers who have worked with them for a long time or have been referred. 

But from a potential new customer’s perspective, they look illegitimate and they’re probably going to look for someone who has a better online presence. 

When your brand lacks an online presence, or everything is outdated, it can have a damaging effect on your reputation. 

Consumers need reassurance you’re who you say you are, and people are likely to check out your brand online before considering buying. 

How can leveraging content marketing help your brand be more visible? 

Alongside building a great first impression to the people who do find your brand, leveraging content marketing can increase your visibility overall. 

By creating online content for different audience types, you can start attracting people at varying purchase stages.

You can start building a marketing funnel to increase brand awareness, targeting potential customers who are everything from just learning about a potential problem or product they need help with all the way through to potential customers who have a definite buying intent. 

When you begin leveraging content marketing across multiple channels, you’re also giving your brand a better chance of being seen by consumers with different buying habits, essentially casting a wider net in your potential customer pool. 

Not everyone who needs your product or service will be looking for things on Google. 

Likewise, not everyone enjoys watching video content. 

Before you start focusing on content marketing, you should consider a few things – 

  • Creating content is a long-term asset for your company. It’s a great way to build up your online presence, only growing stronger over time. 
  • You need to understand who your customers are – what are their likes, dislikes, pain points, and how do you help them? You need at least enough to begin with. 
  • Always think back to your brand’s core identity, message, and goals when creating content. 

Types of on-brand content you can start creating

So, let’s go into the different types of content marketing you can leverage to start catching an abundance of new customers.

SEO blog content 

When potential customers can find out an answer to their query on Google, you are leveraging SEO. 

It’s a great way to build your brand’s reputation and make the most of organic search traffic.

How do you create SEO blog content? 

Start by looking for what people are searching for (in relation to your industry) and answer their questions through your content. 

Be helpful and relevant to their query, adding images, videos, and other links when necessary. 

The more useful the content is considered, the better your chances are for ranking high in Google’s search results. 

Case studies 

Tell customer success stories in your content marketing. 

You can produce a traditional case study article write-up to share online, or you can also ask for video testimonials. 

No matter the format you choose, case studies are great to build trust. 

Video content 

Video content has been useful for building an online presence for many years now. But TikTok has encouraged the rise of short-form, raw, and unfiltered videos. 

Get started by not worrying too much about the quality of your video content. 

Talk to the camera and show behind-the-scenes to build interest and trust. 

You can ‘jazz it up’ by adding branded graphics and captions in your brand colour palette. 

Often used as a replacement for Google, you should also consider keywords and search terms when writing your captions.

Social media content 

There are multiple social media platforms now – all suited to different audience types and content marketing styles. 

Try infographics, video content, sharing testimonials, case studies, and repurposing SEO blog content, alongside text-only and reactive posts. 

Social media content is a case of testing, measuring, and tweaking what you do until you find out what works for your audience. 

When posting, be sure to use your branded colours and styles for consistency. 

Podcasts, webinars, and events 

If you’ve been a guest on a podcast, have hosted an online webinar or a local event, start leveraging content marketing around these topics. 

Remember to create content to share on your social media channels, website, and to your email list, so it’s not a one-hit wonder.

Get help leveraging content marketing for your brand 

If you don’t know where to start but want to be leveraging content marketing to get a better online presence, Make a Brew can help. We can support you with a solid brand and marketing strategy – and can even become your regular Creative Marketing Director. To find out more, book a brew here. 

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