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I know what you’re wondering. You want to know what on earth made me call the company ’Make a Brew’ After all I’m a branding expert.

Clare Froggatt - personal branding
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Clare Froggatt_Wortley Golf Club_10th Tee

It’s simple really. 

I’m from Yorkshire in the North of England, so when I meet my clients, whether virtually or in person, I make a brew and we sit and have a chat about their requirements. 

It’s a much better way for us to discover all we need to about one another than being all formal and stuffy! For me, it’s all about good conversation and making a connection. 

Great ideas spring from good conversation.

(Just as a point of reference, if you’re not northern, or indeed from the UK, then a brew is a cup of tea… don’t want you thinking I brew my own beer or gin or something…)

I have over 26 years of experience in branding, digital marketing and graphic design and am a natural source of ideas and solutions to problems

After many years of working for someone else, I realised that I would much rather work directly with clients and be able to give a fresh, bespoke service in all the areas of branding that I cover.

I like to explain what I do in terms that people can identify with. 

For me ‘branding’ is like an iceberg. 

Your logo and other elements of brand identity is the tip above the water that everyone sees. 

However, the real work goes on below the surface through strategy and planning.

I also encourage you to think of your building your brand as Lego bricks.
(That’s why you’ll see ‘Lego me’ at the bottom of this page)

 Each block builds on the last, from the foundations upwards. 

Although all the bricks are generic, using your imagination will create a very different result to someone else putting together the same blocks.

I work with a close group of associates who cover the areas I don’t. So, from paid ads, photography, to copywriting and website development, we can cover the lot. 

When preparing to write this I was asked for three words others would use to describe me. They came back as ‘creative’, ‘determined’ and ‘geek’ – make of that what you may!

When I’m not working, you can find me on the golf course,  I sport a fabulous t-shirt tan in the summer months!

My aim is to get my handicap into single figures within the next three years. You’ll see I am recently back on the course after almost 10 years put, having initially taken it up as a kid.

I play at Wortley Golf Club in Sheffield and have 2 hole-in-one’s (after 30 years of trying), both on the par 3, 3rd hole at Wortley – they say if I get another they might name the hole after me

Anyway, I’m Clare, anything brand related… just get in touch.


How we can work together…


Your project could be a simple as new business cards, a lead magnet, or new brochure or any other means of building your brand. Or a more long term and in depth project to create a new brand or help you rebrand and reposition your business. 


Coaching or consultancy, work with me on a one-to-one basis to help you move your business forward – I regularly work with clients to create and implement a brand strategy, give ideas and provide creativity or to coach someone starting their business. 


Subscribe to blocks of hours to spread the cost of using a professional or to outsource ongoing design work, draw down set hours monthly or group together for bigger projects. Or book my Brand #Growth service to add a an expert to your team.

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