Creative Marketing Director

For companies who need marketing and brand direction

Do you have team members who deliver elements of your marketing but no Creative Marketing Director to guide them?

Is your company entering its next phase of growth and you need a top level creative to move it forward?

Do you have a big business anniversary coming up and want a fresh new approach for your brand and marketing?

 I am your solution.

Managing your existing staff or freelancers.

Ensuring your brand and marketing is on-point, visible to your target audience, and delivering results.

Who needs my services?

My clients are usually SME’s who either have team members looking after different areas of their marketing, such as social media… or who have engaged a number of freelancers to carry out different elements, such as content creation, graphic design.

These team members report directly to the Director… but the Director is usually not a marketing specialist and so managing this area of the business takes a considerable amount of time and effort, which should be focused elsewhere!

How I work with you

I work with the senior management of the business to understand your business, goals, and what areas you wish to promote when.  From this I create a marketing strategy, which, once approved, I implement with your team.

I can either work in house for a specified number of days per month or manage your team from a distance – holding regular meetings with them to ensure they’re on track and following the plan.

Feedback and analysis will be provided regularly so we can make any amendments to the strategy, as data is collected.

Just some of the things I cover:

  • Providing direction to your marketing team/freelancers

  • Develop ideas for marketing campaigns

  • Strategic planning

  • Develop key messaging and branding

  • Value proposition and messaging

  • Launch plans

  • Develop designs and concepts

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Social media strategy and planning

  • Branding – visual identity/brand assets/brand strategy

  • Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Fear and Fun Creative Marketing Director

About me…

I’m an expert creative marketeer.  Having specialised in branding for a number of years after founding Make A Brew (my branding agency), I have organically transitioned into the role of on-demand consultant for many of my clients.

But that doesn’t really tell you who I am does it!

I’m a down to earth Yorkshire lass who happens to be both incredibly creative and strategic when it comes to marketing – a rare combination. I have an extensive cv which covers every area of marketing from branding, design, website, content, strategy, and launches.

I don’t take life too seriously outside work … it’s just too short isn’t it!

I love the outdoors but not heights!!! When they say a picture tells a thousand words, I think you’ll agree this one tells about ten thousand!!  The actual story behind this was me trying to challenge my fear of heights.  I wish I could tell you that I conquered it, but unfortunately that’s not the case. So now I just stick to walking 6 or so miles – 2-3 times a week whilst playing golf – my handicap is coming down nicely with my 3 year goal to be in single figures – this is spurred on by the 2 holes-in-one I bagged in February & August 2023 🙂

I gather inspiration from everything I encounter, from nature to personalities. Ideas flow to me constantly, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing.  Thank goodness phones have notes and voice recording features.  You’ll often see me in a coffee shop drawing on a serviette.

I work both publicly and under NDA.

How to engage me

The best way for us to see if we’re a fit, is to have a conversation – preferably over a brew – Mines strong tea, white, no sugar (not because I’m sweet enough, but due to me being powered by insulin).

Whether online or in person, you’ll be able to tell whether I ‘get’ your company and your vision for it.  

I often work with my consultancy clients for ‘x’ number of days per month, to deliver their marketing strategy on an ongoing basis.

But I also love a good project…