Do you want to…

Build your brand?

You have a brand… or at least a logo…

What now?

How do you build your brand into a recognisable one locally or worldwide?

We can show you how!

Clare Froggatt - we can Build your brand

How do you build your brand?​

Brand building is all about using the visual elements of your brand, such as your logo, and communicating the personality and values of your company consistently and as often as possible.


Every time someone sees anything from you, it should be instantly recognisable.


Whether its your online presence, a printed business card, an exhibition stand, or a tote bag… your brand should be obvious.


If any inconsistencies exist, they are going to confuse people and, quite simply, stop your brand from becoming well known.

Brand Assets – what are they?​

A brand asset is a visual representation of your brand – your logo, your brand colours, and your brand fonts are all components used to build your brand.

Sometimes a company will have their logo designed and only be given one version to use.

The problem with that is, often that file will not be scalable.  Or it may be portrait, when you also need a landscape version for your website, for example.

You actually need a number of high-resolution versions of your logo… full colour, black and white, different layouts, and different file types (jpg, png, svg, eps, and vector).

Once you have all those, you have the right brand assets to use on workwear, social media graphics, exhibition stands, vehicle graphics, and printed materials, etc.

You also need to know what fonts and colours to use on all your documentation and for your digital presence.

Think of Lego…​

Why I hear you ask?

Well Make a brew uses Lego as a visual demonstration of how to build your brand.

Give different people exactly the same number, shape and size of Lego bricks and they’ll each build something different.

Your brand assets are your Lego bricks. 

It’s how you use them that makes your brand unique.

So, let’s ensure your brand assets are all in order so that you can build your brand.

What's it like to work with us…

"Clare did a fantastic job creating our logo when rebranding our business. She is friendly, very approachable, and went out of her way to make sure it was what we wanted. We were so pleased with the result and would definitely recommend! Thanks Clare!"

What Rachael thought about working with us…

"I have been blown away with what Clare has produced for me! I gave her the briefest of briefs, literally just a snippet of a description. What she has created is genius! My brand has been created, my logo is perfect, and my vision has come to life. Bright, colourful (with my exact choice of colours all combined in a subtle design), and also in options for me to print as well as stunning on digital platforms. Definite recommendations for Make a Brew!"

How to work with Make a brew

I'd like a chat first

I’d like a chat with you to get a little more info – great let’s have a brew (a virtual cup of tea or coffee that is).

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 You know you’re good at what you do, but you need ideas on how to build your brand proactively?

I’m ready to book my #BrandFix

Whether you need your logo redrawing, your fonts updating, or you’re not quite sure what’s wrong – book a Brand #Fix and we’ll help.

"What more could you ask for? Clare has been an absolute star from day 1. Nothing is too much trouble for her and I could not be happier with my new logo and branding! Clare has gone above and beyond and really got what my business message was about. Despite not having been able to meet face to face the service received has felt personal. The whole process has been fantastic. Thank you so much!"